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Icon calendar 025 31-DEC-2009 / The Nethernet is Back Online!
GameLayers announces Game on!

the Nethernet is again a unique Passively Multiplayer Online Game that you play while you surf the web. Uncover a Crate full of tools, step on a Mine (Boom!), or discover a Portal to an unknown realm on the interwebs. Take a Mission and learn all about a particular topic. Join the fun! Get the game add-on at Firefox Add-ons

the Nethernet has a thriving community of creative and friendly players. Check out our very active Forums to see what other Nethernetters are talking about right now. The Nethernet had chat built in where you can socialize or get help with the game.

This wiki will guide you through all aspects of the Nethernet game and the community. Get started now by following the articles below...

Icon bulb on 043 The Nethernet Refugee Camp

Survivors are gathering here: TNN Refugee Camp


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Icon calendar 025 31-DEC-2009 / The Nethernet is Back Online!
GameLayers announces Game on!
Icon calendar 025 17-AUG-2009 / Game Over
GameLayers announces The Nethernet is fun, but it’s too expensive for us to fix and maintain.
Icon calendar 025 10-AUG-2009 / Nethernet Maintenance
The game will be down for maintenance this Monday August 10th.
Icon calendar 025 1-JUN-2009 / Nethernet Birthdays
Nethernet B-Days a list that Zous started showing the day you celebrate the creation of your Account on the Nethernet!
Icon calendar 025 17-APR-2009 / New Version 0.8.0
Upgrade your toolbar add-on at [Firefox Add-ons]
Icon calendar 025 1-MAR-2009 / PMOG is now the Nethernet
One year after the birth of PMOG, the game has been upgraded and renamed as the Nethernet. Check out the latest news
Icon calendar 025 1-FEB-2009 / 1500, 3000 and 10000 Level Badges
Join the club of top players who have earned the big PMOG badges 1500 Club, 3000 Club and 10000 Club. If you've earned these, go ahead and make a note for the record.
Icon calendar 025 21-JAN-2009 / PMOG Launches New Toolbar 0.6
PMOG has been updated. There is a new toolbar on top. New DP Cards that you can drop with one click, just like Chaos Mines.
Icon calendar 025 17-JAN-2009 / PMOG Server Move Complete!
PMOG Servers have migrated to the new cluster. For more info:
Icon calendar 025 23-DEC-2008 / Limited Support for PMOG
Between 23-25 Dec 2008 PMOG support will be limited. All e-mails, PMails, etc. will be answered by 26 Dec 2008.

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  • awsm! = awesome!
  • bacon = what happens to shoats when they trip a mine. And it is the candy bar of meats! Who doesn't love bacon?
  • CP = Class Points
  • DP = Data Points
  • NoW = the Nethercast of the Week
  • Shoat
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